Summer & School Break Camps in the Gardens 

Summer & School Break Camps in the Gardens 

Spring Break Camp

March 25-27th, 9am-12pm

Fee: $15 members/$20 nonmembers per day

Ages: 2nd-4th grades 

Discover different ologies during three mornings in the gardens. Wednesday is all about trees while we dive into dendrology, on Thursday watch and listen for the birds to get a glimpse into ornithology, and on Friday learn about ecology to see how wildlife and their habitats fit together.

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Summer Camp

Summer Camp in the Gardens offers children a unique outdoor experience. We offer a variety of themed, hands-on activities tailored to a specific age camper. We make sure the activities are developmentally appropriate, educationally relevant and most importantly fun! At the Gardens campers will be able to learn about relevant  environmental subjects through hands on activities, work together with their peers, and spend time outdoors!

All of our camps are half day, 8am-12pm, and run Monday through Friday (unless otherwise noted). Campers should register for the camps associated with the grades they will enter in Fall 2020.

Check out the camps for 2020 below!


June 8-12: Survivor - Wildlife Adaptations, 1st-2nd Grades: Why are owl feet feathery, and why do foxes have such tiny feet? How much pollen can a bee carry, and why do skunks have that white stripe? Every day we'll step into the paws and claws of new animals to see how they survive.

June 15-19: Over & Under, 4K-Kindergarten: Look up, down, and all around to notice the things you usually don’t see! Look under logs, over the tops of the trees, and all across the Gardens. Discover the life in unexpected places.

June 22-26: Bio-Blitz, 3rd-5th Grade: Be part of a community scientist team finding and listing all of the living plants, bugs, and animals we can find in the Gardens. Use cameras, field guides, binoculars, and nets to catch and document everything we find!

June 29-July 3: Miniature Life, 1st-2nd Grade: Notice the tiny life around you in the gardens, and see if we can grow our own. Look at bugs under rocks, snails in the pond, and use microscopes to see the tiniest things up close. We'll grow our own tiny microgreens and sprouts too!

July 6-10: Seuss in the Sun, 4K-Kindergarten: Meet Thidwick and the Lorax, and see how many thinks you can think in the Gardens! With each day themed around a different Dr Seuss story, we'll have so many adventures!

July 13-17: Art from the Ground Up, 1st-2nd Grade: Experience the Gardens through different art mediums, start your own nature journal, and use natural materials to create art each day. Watercolor at the pond's edge, sculpt with clay, sketch leaves, press flowers, and more.

July 20-24: Busy Bees & Butterflies, 4K-Kindergarten: These things with wings do great work in the Gardens! Find some butterflies and bees at work, learn all about where they live, what they eat, and their life cycle. Make your own set of wings!

July 27-31: Kitchen Garden Kids, 3rd-5th Grade: Take control of the a section of the kitchen garden. Learn about the plants in it, help take care of it, eat some fresh-grown snacks, and see all the life that a garden bed can hold!

We want to make camp affordable for YOU! Apply for a scholarship today! We offer 25-90% off camp fees for qualified individuals thanks to our generous donors.
To apply click here to fill out an application. Thank you to Covantage Cares Foundation and the WoodTrust Bell Foundation for funding our scholarships in 2019 and 2020.



Spring Break Camp