Meditation Garden


East side of the Gardens along the pond


The Meditation Garden is intended to be just that: a place to reflect and meditate. It’s patterned after meditation gardens in Asia, with flowering crabapple trees, azalea, viburnum, and a Ginkgo grove. Oriental-style gates lead into the area, while artistically placed rocks border the pond. Only part of the Meditation garden has been developed, along the south end of the pond, but we have a design for extending the north from here along both sides of the pond.  This design includes a Japanese teahouse, an arched bridge over a narrow part the pond, landscaping of the island, and a viewing platform at the edge of the pond.


Landscape Solutions LLC, Susie Murphy

Special thanks to

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the Dwight and Linda Davis Foundation, and Wisconsin Public Service Corp. Also in-kind contributions from Anderson Brothers & Johnson, Fraaza Rocks & Sand, Landscape Solutions, and Central Wisconsin Engineering.

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Oct 25
Ginkgos are more than just gorgeous trees. Here's why.

Ginkgos are more than just gorgeous trees. Here's why.

Our own little Ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba) in the Meditation Garden lost all of its leaves today! To celebrate this beautiful tree, check out these amazing facts. Ginkgos are as old as the dinosaurs. Ginkgos are sometimes called a “living fossil” because they are extremely old yet have changed very little over (more)

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