Knitting in the Gardens

Monk Botanical Gardens Bird Walk

Knitting in the Gardens, Saturday June 13, 2020  9am-12pm

In celebration of World Wide Knitting in Public Day, please join Beth Paustian from Black Purl LLC to explore the world of knitting.  Come and join Beth in sharing your love for the craft! This event is free and for all level of knitter!

Explore what beautiful projects you can make,  try your hand at knitting for the first time and talk about all things knitting! Limited supplies will be available to new knitters only for demonstration purposes. 

Looking for a project to give back to the community?  Learn more about Knitted Knockers and how you can get involved.  There will be supplies for sale at the event.

For more information contact Beth at 715-843-7875.

Garden tours will be offered for all knitting participants throughout the event.