Kitchen Garden & Potager


South central part of the Gardens, west of the entrance gate.


The Kitchen Garden is designed to offer a complete seed-to-table experience, with area groups planting vegetables, herbs, and fruits, then tending and harvesting the produce, and finally preparing the food for serving or preserving in the Kitchen Garden’s demonstration kitchen.

The kitchen is specially designed with a stainless steel prep counter with gas stove and sink, fireplace and working pizza oven. Movable bench-table combinations provide seating as well as table tops for eating and other activities. Roll-down walls allow the space to be used in inclement weather. The building is served by electrical, water, and sewer service, and contains bathrooms (one with handicapped access) on its south side. The garden plots themselves are underlain by an irrigation system.


Central Wisconsin Engineers (Jeremy Berkeley).

Special thanks to

Hsu Growing Supply for sponsoring the Kitchen Garden operations, and to the City of Wausau, Marathon County, the Dudley Foundation, Wisconsin Public Service Corp., the Nils (Folke) Jr. and Jen B. Becker Legacy Fund of the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin, the Dwight and Linda Davis Foundation, the Judd Alexander Foundation, the B.A. and Esther Greenheck Foundation, the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin, the May Family Foundation, Hsu’s, Kafka Granite, and Wausau Tile for supporting the project. Also, hats off to the many individuals, families, organizations, foundations, and corporations who helped make the Kitchen Garden a reality by purchasing the commemorative pavers you see around the Potager and the garden. You can still purchase pavers (see the memorials and tributes page for more info.)

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