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Hands-on Plants Adult Workshops

2nd Tuesday of the month June-September, 6-7:30pm

Members: $35 for one, $60 for two, $115 for all four
Non-Members: $40 for one, $70 for two, $130 for all four

Ages: 21+

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Get your hands on plants in four different ways this summer! Have a glass of wine and light refreshments while local experts get your hands on growing microgreens, planting a succulent container, creating a flower arrangement for your home, and getting the details on apple pressing and cider making.

June 9th - Microgreens led by Deb Shaw from Hsu’s Garden Supply
Did you know that microgreens are fun, easy to grow, and healthy? Learn from Deb Shaw from Hsu's Growing Supply how to start, grow, and harvest microgreens inside your home. Sample just a few of the many varieties of microgreens available to grow. I’ll show you some easy and fun ways to eat them. There is way more to microgreens than salads and smoothies. Not only are the microgreens tasty, but they are very nutritious to eat. Even children find them tasty and fun!

July 7th - Succulent planters led by Anne Keiffer, retired horticulturist and dedicated Monk Gardens Volunteer
Learn about succulent care and get your hands on some to create your own container to take home. Soil, plants, and pots will be provided for you to plant up to three succulents in one pot. Workshop led by Anne Keiffer, retired horticulturist and dedicated Monk Botanical Gardens volunteer.

August 11th - Flower Arranging led by Terri Rossiter, owner of Just Picked Flowers
Learn how to create a flower arrangement to bring some summer color inside. Select a container and use cut flowers, greenery, and other materials to create a beautiful and unique arrangement to take home. Flowers and greenery will be grown at the Gardens or provided by Just Picked Flowers, and a variety of containers will be available to choose from. Terri Rossiter, owner of Just Picked Flowers, will set you up for success and lead you through this workshop.

Sept 8th - Apple Pressing & Cider led by Paul Whitaker UWSP Professor and dedicated Monk Gardens Volunteer
Fresh apple cider is a treasured fall treat and, with the right equipment and enough apples, it can be made at home.  In this hands-on workshop, we’ll use a couple of home cider presses to turn apples into cider – from selection and preparation of fruit to pressing to storage and possible fermentation.  Our presenter, Paul Whitaker, has been making fresh cider from his backyard apple crop for over a dozen years, and has been making hard cider and cider vinegar from it for at least half that long.

Questions?  Email Elise Schuler at eschuler@monkgardens.org