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7th Annual Green Saturday Plant Sale & Garden Flea Market

New to gardening or managing a yard landscape? 

Or maybe you just need to brush up on your garden knowledge?

Then these workshops are for you!

May 19, 2018

Each workshop is an hour.  Members: Free, Non-members: $10

How to Register

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Registration limited to 20 people per workshop.

9:00 am  Common Weed Identification and Control, Instructor Paul Whitaker, Professor of Biology at UWMC

Identifying a weed and understanding its characteristics are crucial in choosing the right strategy for controlling it.  This workshop will use perennial and early season weeds as examples for how to identify, understand, and control the weeds that might pop up in your garden throughout the growing season. 

10:15 am  Pruning 101, Instructor Wesley Ebert, Grounds Supervisor

Have you just planted a new tree but you’re not sure what you need to do to train it into an attractive and healthy shape? Or did you plant it several years ago now you’re wondering what to do since you haven’t done any pruning since then? What about that overgrown lilac that no longer has that profusion of fragrant blooms you recall from years ago? Or that clump of dogwoods that is starting to look overgrown and unattractive?

This workshop will begin by looking at how trees and shrubs in your yard grow so that you can use those principles to learn how to prune them to keep them healthy and attractive. We will be looking at examples throughout the garden to see how these techniques can be applied to plants common in Wausau landscaping. I will also be demonstrating pruning techniques and the tools that you will find helpful. Bring your notebook and questions so that you will ready to shape up your yard this spring and summer!

11:30 am  How to identify, plant and care for a beautiful ornamental garden, Instructor Anne Kieffer, Horticulturist

Wanting to beatify your yard but have no idea where to start?  This workshop will give you the tools to know what common species grows best where, how to effectively plant and how to plan an ornamental landscape making your yard come alive.  

12:45 pm Make your Garden, Butterfly Friendly, Instructor, Darla Zastrow, Lecturer of Biology at UWMC

Join our butterfly expert, Darla Zastrow, for an engaging workshop on what plants and features should be used to attract a variety of butterfly species to your yard.  Also have the first pick of some butterfly attracting plants (available for purchase).