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Garden Chat with Marissa

Wednesdays at 12pm, January-May

Garden Chat with Marissa, hosts a different garden topic or Q&A session each chat. Marissa Ashbeck, Horticulture & Grounds Manager, will provide you with great information and guidance, while you engage her in questions of your own.   

Chats will be hosted online via Facebook Live (see how below) or at the Gardens. Check individual dates below for details. 

How to watch Facebook Live
At 12pm on Wednesdays visit our Facebook page to be able to watch the event.  Click on the LIVE tab on the left of the page to access the live video at 12pm on Wednesdays.  In the same place you can past Garden Chats too! You don't even have to have your own Facebook account to watch!

7th - Preparing for Spring
Now that the snow is melting, we can see what needs attention in our gardens. We will be going through a checklist of spring preparations, and how to prioritize projects in your gardens. Get out your tools and gloves, let’s start getting those gardens in shape for summer!

21st - Spring Bulbs and Bloomers
Get ready for some amazing spring blooms! Marissa will take you through the gardens to find beautiful spring bloomers. She will be going through different spring blooming plant varieties that you can incorporate into your landscapes too! Whether you are looking for bulbs, perennials, shrubs or trees, she has some tips that will put a spring in your step!

5th - Creating Cut Flower Gardens
Let’s grow our own bouquets! Marissa will be covering different plant varieties that are great for using as a cut flower. She will dig into timing, fertilizing, maintenance, and use of these creative gardens. You will want to clear a space for some amazing cut flower varieties!

19th - Vegetable Garden Preparations
It’s time to plant your vegetable gardens! Marissa will go through how to prepare your gardens for planting, how to use soil additives and fertilizers, planting tips, and more. Let’s get our fingers in the soil and grow the vegetable garden of your dreams. Never fear, the produce season is near! 

Questions?  Email elise Schuler at

Marissa Ashbeck, Horticulture & Grounds Manager

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