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Garden Birthday Parties

From May-August we offer themed birthday parties.  Each 2-hour party provides a one hour program and one hour for birthday festivities for 15 children ($8 per child after 15; max #25).  For more information and pricing call 715-261-6309 or email us at

Tea in the Treehouse

Ages: 5-12

Have your birthday tea party in the Treehouse. Make and drink your own iced tea brewed by the sun. Drink your tea while you decorate your own teacup planter, and plant a seed to take home.

$30 Material Fee

Potter's Herbs & Potions

Ages: 8-12

Create a potion and put it to the test! Attend the Gardens School of Wizardry, be sorted into houses, then undertake your firs wizarding challenge - forage for ingredients and make a potion!

Garden Trackers

Ages: 5-12

What was that critter? Where was it going? Look for tracks made by wild animals in the gardens, and make a plaster cast of a track to take home.

Treehouse Heroes

Ages: 3-12

Can you help nature by being a hero? Be the sun, water, or soil for the plants, or create your own nature hero. Customize your cape in hero headquarters, the Treehouse, and fly around the gardens.

Forest Forts

Ages: 3-12

Animals build their own homes in nature, and so can we. Build your own fort using natural items in the forest, and make a flag to mark your home, then we’ll tour our fort neighborhood.

Tie Dye Party

Ages: 5-12

Many dyes can come from natural sources like plants and bugs. Using natural dyes, kids will dye their own bandana. Parties can request shirts or other items to tie dye for an additional fee.

Bug Olympics

Ages: 3-12

See if you’re as strong as an ant, can fly like a bee, crawl as fast as a centipede, or dig like a worm. Though tiny, bugs are mighty, and at your party we can see how we measure up to the talents of the bugs you might see at the gardens.

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Jun 24
What fun we had.

What fun we had.

On Saturday June 1st; I had the pleasure of helping Elise, the educational supervisor here at Monk Botanical Gardens, facilitate a birthday party celebration for Lincoln. I honestly had a great time! I initially did not quite know what to expect, since I have not really done much programming with (more)
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