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Pick Your Own Bouquet

Mon Aug 24th 4-6pm
Wed Aug 26th 1-3pm
Thurs Sept 3rd 11am-1pm

Come to the kitchen pavilion to get a pair of pruners and find out what blooms you can cut! 

Take advantage of the peak blooming season and pick a bouquet to take home from a beautiful plot of flowers! Borrow a pair of pruners, and pick a bouquet of blooms to accent your dining room table or brighten a room in your home 

Flowers are first come, first served. Flowers you might find are sunflowers, zinnias, rudbeckia, gladiolas, cannas, and dahlias. Pre-cut greenery will be available to add to your bouquet. Flower and greenery types and availability subject to change. 

For the best results, bring a clean container and fill it with water (or for $2 get a mason jar from us) and fill it with water to get your flowers into water as soon as possible. 

$5 for 7 stems
$10 for 12 stems
$18 for 20 stems

Extras: $2 for a mason jar, $2 to add greenery 

Questions?  Email Elise Schuler at eschuler@monkgardens.org