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Garden Preschool Teacher
The Monk Botanical Gardens seeks a full-time Garden Preschool Teacher for its new Sprouts Garden Preschool.  They will be responsible for developing and implementing a nature-based, emergent program that promotes whole-child development and will build a foundation for environmental literacy.   See the full position description here. 


Year round Internships

UWSP Student?  Internships for horticulture and environmental education students available through the Pointers Connect Program.  

2021 Summer Internships

Environmental Educator and Horticulture Internships:  Searching for ambitious, curious, hard-working, friendly and ready to learn people to spend their summer outdoors and engaging with the public while learning the workings of a botanical garden.  Unlike many other botanical garden internships you will NOT just be digging in the dirt, watering, and weeding.  This internship fosters your interests through a self motivated project and provides opportunities to experience the full program and management of the gardens. 

Download the job descriptions below to learn more and how to apply.  

Job Description below

Horticulture Internship

Environmental Education Internship

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Nov 26
Healing with Horticulture

Healing with Horticulture

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