Landscape Consulting Services

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Landscape Consulting Services

Monk Botanical Gardens offers a variety of services for all of your landscape needs. All consultations are conducted by a professional horticulturist.

Services include landscape design, weed and pest control, pruning, planting, and plant care tutorials, gardening with natives, yard and turf maintenance, customized services, and flower, vegetable and fruit gardening.

Contact Marissa at 715-352-0820 or fill out this request page and someone will respond in 24 hours.  

Why should you consider us?

As environmental stewards, we are providing our services to help clients create a plan of action and provide resources to solve their horticultural challenges. 
Monk Botanical Gardens promotes environmental sustainability, biodiversity, and the protection of our natural resources. 
We incorporate pollinator-friendly plants and low impact gardening practices into our consultations to help better serve the community .

You will not find a more affordable and quality consulting service.  We charge $100 for the initial one ( 1} hour visit.  Additional time onsite or for a written plan detailing recommendations, next steps, and long term care is $50 per hour.