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Vision, Mission & Values

Vision: Connect people to plants for a sustainable future.

Mission:   Monk Botanical Gardens cultivateswell-bring in people, communities, and the environment with experiences that engage, educate, and inspire.

We Value

Stewardship:  We promote environmental sustainability, biodiversity, and the protection of our natural resources.  We commit ourselves to understand how our actions create change in the world.

Awareness:  We offer experiences to the public that inspire increased appreciation and understanding of plant communities and the relationship between these plant communities and people.

Inclusiveness:  We provide a welcoming educational garden for a diverse population of people.

Respect:  We have a culture of cooperation and support among staff and volunteers working together to carry out the organization’s mission.

Excellence:  We excel at innovation, creativity, collaboration, reliability, and accountability.

Aesthetics:  We provide a variety of beautiful gardens and plants that engage visitors because of their unique landscaping, design and plant selection.

Strategic Plan 2019-2023 

To accomplish the progress to date, 13 years ago, a master plan and a strategic plan were developed.  In 2017 we estimate that over 10,000 people visited the garden and that 6,500 attended programming at the garden.  We expect in 2018 to see a 20% growth in visitors as our reputation grows.
This 2018 planning process and the established goals below represent the next steps in the journey of growth for the gardens. The direction set quantifies what we aim to achieve, and the value of our role in the community.


1. Offer Programming that increases our awareness of the importance of plants.

2.  Expand Gardens, Facilities and Site Development.

3.  Increase Financial Resources.

4.  Create top of Mind Awareness to increase visitors and the use of the Gardens.

5.  Excel at Governance and operations.

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The Monk Botanical Gardens occupy a 30-acre property on the West Side of Wausau, Wisconsin, at 1800 N. First Ave. They are named for the family of the late Robert W. Monk, who donated 21 acres of the land for development of an outstanding public garden. Officially incorporated as a nonprofit institution in 2003, the Monk Botanical Gardens seeks to promote understanding of the aesthetic, economic, and ecological role of plants.  An Executive Director, staff and a board of directors oversees the development and management of the Gardens.

Since the creation of the site, many improvements have been made to the property through generous donations of time, talent, and funds. The Wildflower Woods and Memory Garden, and the spectacular Treehouse in the Piney Woods and the Kitchen Garden and “Potager", have been completed. Phase I of two phases has been completed in the Meditation Garden. 

In 2017 and 2018, an additional 9 acres was purchased through a generous donation from Ruth Schuette,  This additional land acquired the total acreage within the fenced area, including Robert Monk's family home and some out buildings and a 2-acre lot on campus drive.  The Board and Staff are currently revising the 2005 Master Plan to include these new parcels of land.  

Thousands of children, students, and adults currently participate in events all year long at the Gardens. We are an official Monarch butterfly, chimney swift and geocaching site.

Carol and Robert W. Monk, our generous benefactors

Carole and Robert W Monk, our generous benefactors

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    A Year of Growth

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