Monday 18 January 2021

Cabin Fever is setting in, and it’s time to start thinking green thoughts. Greenery has a way of calming and relaxing us. As you are taking down your holiday décor, think about adding some greenery to your indoor décor. You can create an inspiring and fresh atmosphere during the last (more)

Tuesday 8 December 2020

Are you looking for a little more than the typical greenery seen around the holidays? Some tremendous blooming plants are staples of the holiday season. There are excellent options if you are searching for a showy, dainty, fragrant, or long-lasting blossom. Keep your eyes peeled for these fantastic plants during (more)

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Now that the leaves have fallen and the landscape looks barren, it’s time to add a little green around your home! It is the perfect time to add some greenery and life to your outdoor decor for winter. Greens or boughs are the ideal way to bring your yard back (more)

We haven’t heard many footsteps around the gardens, but we have heard the sound of machinery and progress. We have taken advantage of these unusual circumstances over the past few months. Now that the gardens are open again, keep an eye out for the updates made to the grounds over (more)

Posted by:  10:23 AM CST

It’s a brisk, foggy morning as I grab my jacket and run out the door to “help” my father cut wood. I am five years old and am heading straight for the ankle-deep stream that flows through the eight acres of forest behind our home. I sit at my favorite (more)

Now that the leaves are starting to fall and the frost is covering the plants, it is time to start thinking about cleaning up your gardens for the winter. Fall is a great time to cut down herbaceous perennials in the garden, especially if there was any sign of pests (more)

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Monk Botanical Gardens announces “Spreading Happiness, One Plant at a Time” program. The Monk Botanical Gardens has partnered with Our House Senior Living and Benedictine Living Community Centers to provide a little joy to their staff and residents this summer. The program aims to immediately provide a plant to each resident and (more)

Tuesday 2 June 2020

We all want to support the flora and fauna in our area, but sometimes they don’t always play nice with each other. For example, we love to see deer in their natural habitats, but once they start coming into our yards and mow our plants to the ground, we don’t (more)

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Do you have an area in your garden that could use a little pick-me-up? Vining perennials could be what you have been looking for. Climbing plants can create a new dimension to your landscapes. Get out your arbors, obelisks and trellises, its time to plant some vines! Some common vining plants (more)

Tuesday 19 May 2020

Have your lilies been under attack? Are there bright red beetles munching on your prized lilies? It’s time to take action! Start treating your lilies before they are mowed to the ground by the Scarlet Lily Beetle, otherwise known as the Lily Leaf Beetle. These nasty beetles are known to (more)