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A Bustling Summer on the Grounds! After a quiet Summer in 2020, the grounds crew was ready for some noise in the garden. We were fortunate to hire three AmeriCorps Interns for the summer of 2021. Each intern brought a plethora of experience, knowledge, and unique personalities that (more)

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A New Garden Gem Northcentral Wisconsin Master Garderners' Shade & Hosta Garden A new garden gem, the Master Gardeners’ Shade and Hosta Garden, is now open for you to enjoy. The garden is a collaborative effort by the North Central Wisconsin Master Gardeners and the Monk Botanical Gardens. Take in the expanded (more)

Thursday 1 July 2021
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There is something to be said about a large cloud on a hot day. I’m talking about one of those days when the sun pierces your skin and you regret wearing thick socks. Imagine pouring sweat into a garden, watching the soil bake in the sun, and pulling a weed (more)

Thursday 17 June 2021
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As I begin my second month as an intern at Monk Botanical Gardens, I take a moment to think about all I have learned and what I have been intrigued by. One aspect of the gardens that (more)

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Up to this point, my professional career as a Scientific Illustrator has been marked by a fascination with life science, environmental education, and science communication. I have spent the last two summers interning at the Monk Botanical Gardens where I was first their horticulture intern and then their education intern the following summer. (more)

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We are excited to announce that Tiffany Rodriguez-Lee has joined the Monk Botanical Gardens Team! She will help the Gardens continue to grow and connect the community with our mission as our first Development Director. The Gardens is growing exponentially in programs, events, new gardens, and team members. Tiffany will (more)

Because of your support, there are some fantastic garden improvements planned for this growing season! Monk Botanical Gardens is now an All-American Selections Display Garden. Horticulture team members and volunteers will be installing a display bed by the front entrance to encompass this year’s All American Selection (AAS) Landscape Design Challenge (more)

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The After School in the Gardens program offers children what they need most; screen-free time spent outdoors, engaging in active learning and exploration. For each session, our educators come prepared with planned activities that will spark wonder in participants. From there, we let the session progress naturally and encourage unstructured, (more)

Tuesday 9 March 2021

As the snow melts and the puddles form, start looking around for plants peeking out of the snow. In Wisconsin, we are very fortunate to have many ephemeral spring-blooming plants native to our wooded areas. Ephemeral plants are perennial plants that emerge quickly in Spring before the trees leaf out. (more)

Tuesday 9 February 2021

It’s that time of year again! My stack of seed catalogs is pulling at my green thumb. I can’t help but flip through the pages every night and imagine what my garden might look like. All of the pictures and descriptions give me hope that the winter weather will break, (more)