Wednesday 13 June 2018

The Monk Botanical Gardens has something for anyone willing to embrace it.

Posted by at 4:14 PM

The Monk Botanical Gardens has something for anyone willing to embrace it. As you gaze over the pond, your memory will be flooded with images from a simpler time, where your only worry was catching more fish than Dad. Maybe you experience it as you walk through the Kitchen Garden, where memories flash by as you recall you and your Mom sitting in the garden behind your house, picking tomatoes for dinner. The sun kissed meadows will remind you of camping and the snowy pines may bring chilling memories of skiing.

We have all experienced this feeling at some point and I found it in the most unexpected way. On an early morning walk through the Gardens, picking up trash and weeds, I rounded a corner to a delightful sight. A glowing meadow with brush and thickets on either side perfectly corralling the sun’s golden rays to a finite point, shining a spotlight on a doe and bunny living in harmony. I was instantly taken back to my Grandmother’s house, looking out her backyard window and watching the deer roam. Reflecting over this I realized a lot of people’s work went into making the Gardens what it is.

Understanding this is crucial to reach job fulfillment and satisfaction when working in the Gardens. It dawned on me that in order to hold the passion you must do it for reasons that are external. This can be achieved by working in the Gardens and seeing families filled with joy as they explore the Gardens makes everything that we do worth it and gives a reason for why we do it.