School & Private Group Field Trips 

Educational Field Trips 

Monk Botanical Gardens field trips are designed to be hands-on, inquiry and experience based programs. Gardens field trips will get your students interacting with nature in ways that keep them engaged and learning.

All field trips are matched to Wisconsin science, environmental literacy & sustainability, natural resources, and model early learning standards as they apply.

Field trips are also available to summer school programs, please contact us for scheduling.

Pre-K through 1st Grade

1-1.5 hours; $75 per group of 25

Seeds & Bugs; Sept-Oct and April-June

Students will have a chance to look at and play with a variety of seeds from common Wisconsin plants, take a seed walk, and end the trip learning about the relationship between insects and plants. Depending on the time of year students will spread milkweed seed and learn about monarch butterflies, or will spread seeds for bees.

Sensing the Gardens; Year Round

Engage all of your senses at the Gardens. Depending on the time of year, students will taste, smell, touch, listen, and look to get to know the Gardens and the season.

Tremendous Trees; Year Round

Meet trees in the Gardens to compare leaves and needles, take a look at the rings of a tree, and observe the wild world of trees.

K through 5th Grade

1.5-2 hours; $100 per group of 25

Tremendous Trees; Year Round (2nd-5th grade)

Meet some trees to learn about their different parts, the life cycle of trees, how to ID trees, and what they do for humans.

Pond Study; September and late April-June

Where does water come from and where does it go? Discover the importance of water to us and wildlife. Collect invertebrates from the Gardens’ pond to see what critters lurk below the surface, and what they mean for water quality. 

Kitchen Garden Explorations; September

Ponder the parts of plants and the vegetables we eat through produce grown in the Kitchen Garden. Discover some unusual edible plants, and then create a snack from some more familiar veggies and herbs.

Buggin’ Out; Sept-Oct and late April-June

What’s buggin’ you? How many legs does it have and what does it eat? Discover all this and more about bugs through games and catching insects in different habitats at the Gardens.

3rd through 5th Grade

2 hours; $100 per group of 25

Tracks, Scat, and Pellets; Year Round

Solve a critter mystery, and learn how to detect and decipher the signs left by wildlife. Hone your detective skills through exploring tracks, scat, and owl pellets. End your detective training with a hike to test your skills.

Wild Invaders; Sept-Oct and April-June

How do you know that dandelions are weeds? Where did they come from and what makes it a weed? Consider the impacts humans can have on the environment and learn how these invaders have been able to stick around. End the trip with a hands-on opportunity to eradicate some invaders.