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Nature's Nocturne-Seek & Explore

Thursday-Saturday, Oct 11-13, FREE to the public

Celebrate the beauty and wonder of nature by nightfall through a nocturnal-themed scavenger hunt that begins at the Monk Botanical Gardens, 1800 N 1st Avenue, on October 11 and continues at the Woodson Art Museum on subsequent days, through October 13, during the Wisconsin Science Festival.

What's in the Dark?

October 11th 4:30pm-7:30pm

Free Family Night @ Monk Gardens 

Was that a bat, a bird, or a bug? Visit the Monk Botanical Gardens for an evening scavenger hunt to find out what nature holds at night.  See a live owl program by REGI, dissect owl pellets, catch and identify bugs, and learn a bit about bats.

Complete the scavenger hunt by visiting the Woodson Art Museum throughout the weekend. Enter a completed scavenger hunt form for an opportunity to win a Monk Gardens or Woodson Art Museum family membership.

Go to for the entire Wisconsin Science Festival schedule, October 11-14.