Monday 17 September 2018
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“I didn’t know you had vineyards up here,” said my friend from Florida as we drove through the Maratha County countryside. “But what are those canopies over the top of the plantings?” “Those aren’t vineyards,” I exclaimed. “It’s ginseng. We’re the largest grower and producer of ginseng in the United States!” My (more)

Monday 30 July 2018
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A Warm Welcome At the beginning of the summer each of us interns chose a project that we would oversee and carry out over the summer. My chosen task was to work on the entrance of the gardens to make it a more welcoming place that invites visitors inside. Even though (more)

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Walking alongside an elementary schooler, I explained how we have many animals at the garden. I told him we have snakes, turtles, groundhogs, and other animals. Then, I got a little carried away and threw in some animals that we could not possibly ever see here. This bright young lad (more)

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Nelson Mandela, universally regarded as a great leader, once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I have done several Community Connection classes since my last blog, where we interact with children from different schools in the garden. It is debatable if (more)

Thursday 28 June 2018
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As a student studying wildlife biology, I pay close attention to the animals that I see around the gardens. If a visitor spends time at the gardens and is relatively quiet, he or she may be lucky enough to encounter one of our local critters. Here are a few that (more)

Tuesday 19 June 2018
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The word kindergarten was coined by Friedrich Froebel, a german educator during the mid 1800s. Kinder means child and garten means garden. While he strongly believed in a literal garden for children to build a connection with the environment, he also believed in a metaphorical garden relationship between students and (more)

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The Monk Botanical Gardens has something for anyone willing to embrace it. As you gaze over the pond, your memory will be flooded with images from a simpler time, where your only worry was catching more fish than Dad. Maybe you experience it as you walk through the (more)

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Birds are singing, lilacs are blooming, and everyone is working hard at the Monk Botanical Gardens! As one of the horticulture interns, I have the amazing opportunity to help the gardens transform over the summer. We have already made great progress in such a short time! Here are a few new things (more)

Thursday 10 May 2018
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Connecting with the snow. How your gift helps preschoolers discover the natural world around them. Learn more by Clicking here to download our Spring 2018 newsletter.

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It’s the Easter season! Easter Sunday is April 1. Orthodox Easter falls on April 8. And the theme of new life and rebirth gets the juices flowing at the Monk Botanical Gardens in Wausau, too. Like us, our seeds and bulbs and trees and shrubs have been waiting all winter for (more)