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Nature's Nocturne-Seek & Explore

Thursday-Saturday, Oct 11-13

Celebrate the beauty and wonder of nature by nightfall through a nocturnal-themed scavenger hunt that begins at the Monk Botanical Gardens, 1800 N 1st Avenue, on October 11 and continues at the Woodson Art Museum on subsequent days, through October 13, during the Wisconsin Science Festival.

What's in the Dark?

October 11th 4:30pm-7:30pm

Family Night @ Monk Gardens

Was that a bat, a bird, or a bug? Visit the Monk Botanical Gardens for an evening scavenger hunt to find out what nature holds at night, and complete the scavenger hunt by visiting the Woodson Art Museum throughout the weekend. Enter a completed scavenger hunt form for an opportunity to win a Monk Gardens or Woodson Art Museum family membership.

Go to for the entire Wisconsin Science Festival schedule, October 11-14.